• Moves Portable life support system
  • Moves Portable life support system

Thornhill Research Moves® Portable Life Support System

NSN: 6515-20-007-4819

The first completely integrated portable ICU to combine a complete vital signs Monitor, an Oxygen concentrator, oxygen-saving VEntilator and a Suction system into a single, compact, portable system.

  • Onboard oxygen concentrator eliminates need for heavy, bulky and dangerous high pressure oxygen tanks
  • Reduces weight and size of current transport system by over 50%
  • Designed for use in medevac transport or mass casualty disasters
  • Supports mounting up to 3 infusion pumps or a defibrillator

Weight: 18.8 kg (41.3 lbs) + batteries/clamps

Battery Weight: 1.9 kg (4.1lbs) each

Battery Duration: Lithium polymer: typical: 4-7 hrs/set of 2; charge time: 2.5 hrs/set of 2


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